Shark Snorkel Tour

Have you ever wanted to swim with sharks? Well here in Southern California we provide you with the opportunity to Snorkel With the Leopard sharks right here at the La Jolla Shores, of San Diego! Leopard Sharks are one of California's non aggressive sharks which allows us to swim with them without being harmed! These Beautiful Creatures Come Down from the North Once a year for the Summer months beginning as early as May and they Stay here in San Diego to as Late as October. These magnificent creatures will put you in Awe as you observe them in their natural habitat!
San Diego Leopard Shark Tour

Sea Cave Snorkel Tour

If you live in San Diego or are just visiting I'm sure someone has told you about Seal Beach. Well here at Snorkel California we want to extend that experience with you on our "Customer Favorite" Seal Cave Snorkel Tour. On the Seal Cave Tour you are immersed with an abundance of Sea life from Start to finish on this tour. You began the tour out of Seal Beach where the Seals like to pop in the water and say hello! During the Snorkel over the the Elegant Caves of the La Jolla Shores you will be greeted by various other sea life including the senoritas and California's state fish the Gerabaldi! Due to the length of open Water swimming on this tour we require you be an intermediate swim level to participate in this snorkel tour.

San Diego Sea Lion's Cave Tour