About Us

San Diego California is where it all began for Snorkel California. Home to some of the most BEAUTIFUL beaches and snorkel spots in the world. The beauty of San Diego California is the amount of hidden gems we find each day by Snorkeling the beautiful coastline of La Jolla California.

Here at Snorkel California you will enjoy an epic life changing adventure as you dive down into the magical waters here in San Diego. You will dare to explore the magical Sea lions, come face to face with the seven foot Leopard Shark, and snorkel among the bright orange Garibaldis.  

Founded by two local surfers, a brother and sister who found themselves taking friends snorkeling and free diving for fun all the time and decided why not take the whole world on tour?! Its there that these two decided to open up this EPIC company to begin their California Tour and Snorkel adventures.

Going on "Tour" as we like to call it, is nothing short of Breath Taking! It involves risk, adventure, excitement, and FUN! When you Snorkel with Snorkel California, you will encounter the beautiful La Jolla Sea Lions, incredible Sea Caves, and the California state fish, the bright and shining Garibaldi. You don't want to miss out on a Snorkel tour with Snorkel California. Allow us to introduce to you, La Jolla California to take your breath away and you will not regret this adventure!!

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Snorkel California, LLC