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Sea Cave Snorkeling Tour

Come explore the mystical caves of La Jolla, California and snorkel with the seals! This Snorkel tour is filled with vibrant sea life due to the natural reef that forms along the cave drawing all types of sea life on this Snorkel Tour!
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Shark Snorkeling Tour

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a shark? Join our Shark snorkel tour and see California's leopard sharks!These beautiful creatures are non aggressive allowing us to get up close and personal!These beauties come down every summer to our San Diego shores in one of California's Largest Ecological Reserves making this snorkel tour offered for a limited time in the summer! Join one of our Snorkel Tours today!
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Spearfishing/Lobster Diving

Come expierance Spearfishing and Lobster Diving like never before. With our Top Knotch Tour guides Who have been Spearfishing their whole lives, who are excited to show you their passion for the sea! From start to finish training our guides will make sure you have all the right equipment and breathing techniques to take on the underwater world! After learning how to be one with the ocean and to track your prey you will receive a brand new appreciation for the ocean and the wildlife that live there!
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